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Thursday, June 14, 2018
14 Jun 1:36pm Seth Rogen admits Trump-Kim summit looked a lot like that troublesome movie he once made
Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg admitted that they experienced a sense of déjà vu watching coverage of the President Trump-Kim Jong Un summit, with the latter saying that the exchange was a case of "life imitating art a little too much."
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14 Jun 9:59am Roseanne Barr insists her controversial tweet was about anti-Semitism
Roseanne Barr is doubling down that she is not a racist.
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14 Jun 9:01am Sylvester Stallone subject of sex crimes investigation
The Los Angeles District Attorney's office is reviewing a sex crime case against Sylvester Stallone, spokesman Greg Risling said Wednesday.
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14 Jun 2:37am The scariest houses in horror films
Ari Aster's new film is the latest house of horror to hit screens. But why do they still scare us so much?
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